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Nov 17 16

Zooming now available

by notism

It’s been quiet for a while cause we’ve been busy in the background. Reviewing retina screens or large designs with Notism has been difficult in the past. Today we have launched a small update with a big impact to simplify your workflow:
Get the whole picture or ZOOM into the details of your designs.


To toggle between the zoom factor you can use the navigation or the keyboard shortcuts (CMD + “+” and CMD + “-” on Mac) or (CTRL + “+” and CTRL + “-” on Windows)

Jun 5 16

Filter screens

by notism

Another handy feature we added is filtering screens by file or screen name. Now it’s much easier to search for screens, especially in bigger projects.


Jun 5 16

Internal notes now available

by notism

Sometimes you don’t want to send notes to everyone working on a project – that’s why we came with internal notes. Just add a new note and tick the “internal” box and only editors of the project will be able to view it.


Jun 5 16

We’re back with update news

by notism

Long time no see! It’s been a bit quiet lately but we’ve been working on a couple of concepts on how to improve Notism. First up will be the integration of third party apps in Notism. We would love to see Notism connect other apps so you can manage to-dos and send them to tools like Basecamp, Trello, Jira, Slack and many more. We would love to hear from you which tools you would like to see connecting to Notism. Take the survey


Jun 3 15

Watch out – we are TWO!

by notism

This very day, 2 years ago, we’ve launched our design feedback platform. But hey we have no time to recall the past so let’s see what lies in front of us.


With 7 million preorders the Apple Watch is definitely going to be the next big thing. With Notism you can already test your designs for the Apple Watch from today on.


Simply choose the Watch preset when creating a project, upload your screens to test or present them to your team and clients.

Feb 6 15

Firefox is speeding up video

by notism

Mozilla decided to support the mp4 video format. Therefore you can enjoy a much much much much faster video conversion.

Feb 6 15

Show or hide the status bar

by notism

You requested it – we respond. Within mobile projects you can now deactivate the device status bar within project settings for all those of you who prefer uploading mobile screens with existing status bars.

Feb 6 15

Retina support now available

by notism


Since the last update we do support displaying retina images the correct way. You can either switch the project type within an existing project to display retina images correctly or choose this type when adding and opening a new project. Until we offer a zoom function you can also switch to retina mode for a -50% zoom factor on your existing images.

Jan 10 15

Present design & video work in real-time

by notism

How often have you been presenting design work? We usually present our work almost on a daily basis. We present in front of our colleagues our clients or any other stakeholders involved in the creative process. That’s why we came up with the idea to integrate a presentation mode right into Notism.

Present design & video work in real-time


With the presentation mode you can from now on present projects in real-time. All participants of the presentation will see exactly what you are up to in your project and have a mirrored view of your project: see your cursor movements and your scroll position. You can use this feature with design as well as with video projects.

How does the presentation mode work?


Start the presentation mode via the people icon once there are more than 1 people on the project at the same time. Once activated everyone else on the project is being notified and can participate or decline.

Have a great week presenting and let us know how it goes

Sep 28 14

Live cursors now available

by notism

Right in time for autumn (well at least in the Northern Hemisphere) we have another update for you. Right in the toolbar of the editor you’ll see who’s working on the project right now. Use the option “Show live cursors” to see the cursor movements of all people online in real time.


This feature automatically activates itself once there is more than one person working on a project at the same time. Use the people icon to show/hide the cursor movements of your online collaborators. Click on the name of a collaborator and you’ll be taken to the page he or she is working on right now.

The live cursor feature is especially handy to not lose track where others are working on or if you want to point out something specific to people you are reviewing designs with over phone or Skype.


Sep 20 14

Export projects as PDF

by notism

A lot of you have emailed us and asked for a way to backup things. Now we are coming up with a great solution: PDF export. From now on you are able to export design projects including all images and notes to PDF. This is especially handy if you need to archive your projects for later reference.


You’ll find the export feature on the project page right beneath the project you want to export. The export feature will available from our Team plan onwards.


Aug 15 14

Mobile projects now available

by notism

Hope you have found some time to enjoy summer. We are also back with update news: from today on you can also start and test mobile projects for iPad, iPhone or Android.

Jun 2 14

Video collaboration now available

by notism

Yes you heard right video has arrived. Use the whole Notism toolset to review video: Notes, Sketches & Selections. Every time you use a tool Notism adds a timeline marker to the videofile. So it’s really easy to flip back and forth the feedback frames.

Feb 21 14

Share and Win

by notism

stellavie-accountSupport us with a tweet and be in with the chance to WIN 1 of 5 ENTERPRISE subscriptions for a whole year AND 1 of 5 great silkscreen prints by the great guys at stellavie
(Include the hashtag #notism to enter the draw)

Feb 13 14

Replace or add new screen versions

by notism

replace-versionWhen uploading new files to your project you can now choose whether you want to add a new version or replace a current version. This feature is also available for bulk uploads.

Feb 13 14

Vote Notism at the #netawards

by notism

thanks-netawardsHow cool is this … net magazine has nominated us for APP OF THE YEAR. Show some dignity and support our bootstrapped startup with your vote. Also please spread the word by tweeting about these über cool news and share the love via Facebook. Vote here

Jan 24 14

Clean UI and new prototype mode

by notism

We’ve cleared up the interface and clustered similar feature groups together. The biggest change is the relocation of the PROTOTYPE mode which you’ll find next to EDIT (formerly known as DESIGN mode) and LIST mode.Switch between the different modes with the following shortcuts: EDIT (E), LIST (L), PROTOTYPE (P)
The prototype mode really focuses on testing the interactive hotspots. That’s why we’ve removed the ability to leave comments in this mode.

Jan 19 14

Fresh UI kits have arrived

by notism

We’ve added a bunch of great UI stencil kits including the great “Startup Design Framework” by the guys at designmodo and other great UI Kits by Robin Kylander and radicalfox. Check out these awesome resources that will definitely help you speed up your workflow.

Jan 19 14

Improved to-do section

by notism

We’ve added searchable drop down menus to make it easier to navigate through projects, to-do lists and people. Also to-do related discussions are now being displayed on own discussion pages. Important to-dos can be highlighted more easily and we are about to overhaul the to-do section in the editor as well.

Jan 15 14

New drag and drop feature

by notism

Now you can upload new screens more easily by simply dragging them onto the upload box in the sidebar.

Jan 13 14

All the projects history in one place

by notism


For those who have missed this feature we have added the whole project history to the editor. You can show/hide the history with the shortcut “H” or simply via the icon on the right side of the editor. The history is really helpful to keep an overview of what is going on your project and allows to flick through all project actions.

Dec 18 13

Update: Replace screens

by notism

replace-screensWant to update a couple of screens without creating versions of them?
Simply upload a file that has the exact same file name than a previously uploaded one and Notism will automatically replace the old file with the new one.

Dec 18 13

Easily invite, add or remove people.

by notism

On the projects page we’ve added a small icon, right beneath each project. Click the icon and easily invite, add or remove collaborators without the hassle of opening the project beforehand.

Dec 2 13

Update: Filter screens by status.

by notism


We’ve added a filter to the sidebar. From now on it’s super easy to get a quick overview of what needs your attention and what’s already done.

Nov 19 13

Realtime Notifications Aboard

by notism

We’ve just released our next major update – This time it’s all about improving how you are being informed about updates on published feedback notes.


Forget about refreshing your project page. Forget about email overload. Now you can even turn email notifications off if they are getting on your nerves (we know how hard it is to reach inbox zero!). From now on you’ll find little alert notes next to the notifications icon in your project and also on the dashboard. All comments and updates will pop-up in realtime so you are in a constant communication loop with your co-workers.

Dashboard activities in realtime

Forgot which notes you’ve already read and answered? Not any more. Now it’s super easy to keep an overview of what needs your attention and get work done in a more effective and faster way.

Live notifications in the project-editor


We hope Notism helps you reviewing design work in a more effective way.

Your team at Notism

Oct 30 13

We do PDF now!

by notism


We’ve been receiving a lot of feedback recently asking to integrate PDF support. Guess what? From now on you will be able to not only upload single PDF files but also multipage PDF documents. A nifty little tool on our server will convert the PDFs to images and add them to the sidebar.

Add co-workers when setting up a project


Now it’s even faster to get a new project started. A single click on the NEW PROJECT button opens the project setup where you can name your project, add new co-workers or select already invited ones from the list.

Customize your project preview


At some point you want to share just one particular screen you’re working on instead of sharing a whole project. Or hide certain user interface elements (sidebar/toolbar) in the preview for a better user experience when reviewing the work.

With SHARE PROJECT you are now able grant someone a customized access to a whole project or a single page without adding them to your account. You can even gather comments and feedback on your work from anyone who follows your shared link.

We’ve also simplified the way you can show or hide elements of your work and added the keyboard shortcut “U” – that opens upload window.

Fresh UI stencil kits have arrived

We’ve added a bunch of great UI stencil kits including the “Basiliq Touch UI Kit” by the guys at Cloud Castle and a “Mobile Design Kit” by Daniel Chitu. Check out these awesome resources that will help you speed up your workflow.

We hope Notism helps you reviewing design work in a more effective way.

Your team at Notism

Jul 4 13

Sketching now available with Notism

by notism

Latest update: Sketching Toolkit

Sometimes it makes more sense to sketch directly on the work rather than adding notes. That’s why we’ve added several tools for freehand drawing on your images: pencil, rectangle and circle. You can also choose a line type, width and color – Have fun sketching on your screens!

Highlighter notes for specific areas

Use the new highlighter note function to point out larger areas of your layout. Especially handy if a feedback note refers to a broader section.

Thanks again for testing Notism and delivering feedback whilst in Beta. beta testers will find a promocode within the account. (50% for 4 month) You can use this code when upgrading your account.

We hope you are as enthusiastic as we are about the new sketching features. Make sure to let us know how it goes via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Talk soon,
The Notism Crew

Jun 3 13

Notism has launched!

by notism

Thank you mighty beta testers!

Many thanks to all who tested, reviewed and shared their feedback during the beta period. We are so proud about all the positive feedback and overwhelmed by the trust you had in us and in our vision of creating a kick-ass design feedback tool. End of beta doesn’t mean end of development – we are just getting started!

Latest addition: Versions

Create different versions of a screen and easily switch between these versions for a better overview of what’s going on in your project. Always keep up with the latest improvements and compare iterations by flicking through the different versions.

Tweet about the Notism launch

1. Follow @notismapp on Twitter

2. Tweet: whatever you like. Just make sure to include #NotismLaunch somewhere in the tweet so we can DM you your promo code.


(Valid until June 10, 2013)

Our latest improvements

– Added live filter with the ability to hide archived projects. (projects page)
– Redesigned the screen status feature.
– Improved overall application speed.
– Responsive email templates.

We hope you are as enthusiastic as we are about the launch of Notism. Make sure to let us know how it goes via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Talk soon,
The Notism Crew

May 7 13

Notism is launching on June 3, 2013

by notism

Yes the rumors are true we are finally ready to release Notism into the wild. On June 3 we will transform all beta accounts into 21-days free trial accounts.

If you were amongst our amazing beta testers and sent in your feedback, your first 4 months are 50% off (watch out for the promo code arriving with our next newsletter).

All you need to do is sign in to your Notism account (after June 3) where you’ll be provided with additional information.

What’s coming with the launch version?

– the best design feedback tool ever built
– improved user management
– new features (versions, messaging alerts …)
– flexible pricing according to your needs
– paid plans starting as low as $ 9/ month

We will continue improving Notism and add a couple of new features until the launch. One of the new features is versions. With versions you will be able to go back in time to previously saved versions of your work – helping you to iterate faster and more effectively.

In case you missed:
We are a wonderful 3rd party tool communicating with Basecamp and Asana! From now on you can add tasks to Basecamp and Asana directly from a Notism project:

Hope you are as excited as we are and we hope to welcome you as the first official Notism customers during the next weeks.

Your team at Notism

Apr 9 13

NEW Activity Dashboard

by notism

We are back with another user influenced update. So first of all many thanks to you – you most awesome beta testers for sending us your feedback and suggestions.

You may have noticed that we’ve redesigned bits and pieces of Notism lately. Tech wise we’ve taken a lot of what we’ve learned over at HotGloo and thought about how we can apply this to our new service Notism. So the all new Activity Notes are one result of this collaborative process. From now on you can collaborate with team members in Notism in real time. You will be constantly notified about new comments, notes or upload activities of your team members in the new activity-dashboard.

We need your help spreading the news about Notism – please support us and tweet this.

Hope you enjoy working with this new feature. Let us know how it goes.

We’ll be back soon with new improvements.
Your Team at Notism

Nov 27 12

To-dos now aboard

by notism

First of all, thank you for your awesome feedback during the past weeks.
We were quite busy lately and you might have noticed that we have just launched an update that added a new feature: to-dos.

screen-todosTo-dos are super helpful since you are now able to assign to-dos to your co-workers. You can also order them in lists to keep track of what’s going on in the project and who’s responsible for what. You can also start discussions related to to-dos.


From now on you can also show/hide the Notism toolbar for a better user
experience if you need focus time whilst working on a project.


And one more thing: we’ve added new editor shortcuts:
Press “T” to show/hide the Toolbar
Press “P” to show/hide the Pages


Hope you like it – now go create :)
Your team at Notism

Sep 19 12

Hi there mighty beta testers :)

by notism

It’s been 10 weeks since the beta version of Notism has been released. Many thanks to those of you who tested already and left so promising feedback. During the last couple of weeks we have been working on Notism night and day to improve based on your feedback and on our visions and we’ve come up with a big update we would like to introduce later on a bit more detailed.

For those of you who have been asking who is behind Notism: Notism has been developed by Hannes (HotGloo) and Jan (RH72), who have been working together as freelance web workers for years. In 2011 Jan also got involved in working at HotGloo for the redesign of the HotGloo website. Whilst reviewing screen designs with the other team members – the idea for Notism was born.

The problem we faced: it was so hard to review designs with others in an effective and efficient way.

The challenge: we wanted a tool where we can upload our design screens to review them within the team, gather feedback, get work signed off, add real copy to the designs and keep everybody involved in the project, most of the people scattered around the whole world, on the same page.

That’s why we’ve created Notism.

A lot of people asked us about the difference between Notism and HotGloo. Notism is a team-communication tool where you can upload and review visual projects and designs with others. It is not a wireframe tool although you can link screens together to create a prototype out of static design screens as an add-on

The latest update includes:


Switch between Design and List view, depending on what you are focusing on – reviewing Design or communicating through feedback notes.






Attach all kinds of files to your notes – makes it easier to communicate new ideas.



Set up an activity status for each screen from “in progress” over “approved” to “complete” – to keep a better overview on what requires your full attention.



The new dashboard provides an overview across all project activities – never loose track again.


TASKS (Coming soon!):

With tasks you will be able to add to-dos to your projects – in order to get things done!



Reply to comments via email without logging into your account – especially handy when you are not in front of your computer but want to keep track of the project progress.



Features we are reviewing and discussing at the moment for future releases: Since we got a lot of friends in the motion design business we are also thinking about adding a way to discuss video and audio and a way to connect your Notism account with Dropbox and much much more.

Let us know how it goes using Notism. Is there anything you are struggling with? Any features you would like to see? Drop us a line.


Your team at Notism

Jul 1 12

Say hello to Notism!

by notism

Notism helps you discuss, experience and share design work. Upload design drafts, add interactions via hotspots, link pages and discuss design work. Notism helps you to iterate faster and create better websites & apps – the lean way.